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Prized by landscapers and gardeners all over Auckland for its ability to enhance moisture retention, it is the City's best soil conditioning compost! Living Earth organic certified compost is the prized ingredient in all Living Earth Mixes.

Living Earth Organic Compost

pH 6.0 - 8.5
Conductivity (mS cm-1) ≤ 5.0
Ammonium* ≤ 200ppm
Germination score (out of 7)* ≥ 6
Weeds absent
Moisture ≥ 39% to 51%
Particle size % pass 15mm x 15mm orifice 100%
Plant Growth Index ≥ 3
Bulk density - wet wt basis (kg per m3) 550 - 650
Analysed in a 1:1.5 water extraction.
Nutrient Analysis (average) % by weight (D.M)





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